Treasure Hunt in Velichovky

Treasure Hunt in Velichovky GPS-based game in a spa and wellness resort

K-Triumf, Velichovky
34 treasures
2 - 3 hours

The charming village called Velichovky is located in the district of Nachod in North-East Bohemia and is famous mainly for its spas. The vast spa grounds boast well-kept villas dating back to the beginning of the 20th century and a beautiful park inviting you to take a stroll and enjoy the fresh air. The largest building is the Masaryk House named in honor of the first Czechoslovakian President Tomáš Garrigue Masaryk, who spent the night in the village in the summer of 1926.

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In addition to the spa, there is also a four-star wellness resort K-Triumf, which offers not only luxury accommodation, but also many sports, great gastronomy, and last but not least many conference rooms and other facilities for your corporate event. And no awesome company event can do without the Treasure Hunt!

The Treasure Hunt game

Treasure Hunt is a team geolocation contest, which will guide you to the most beautiful and interesting places in the vicinity of the K-Triumf resort. Each team will receive a tablet with a map of treasures. Your task is to physically visit each place, answer the questions that are waiting for you there and get the highest score.

The winning team will receive a reward, and all of the teams will have great memories of a fun time spent with their colleagues or business partners. The competition spirit spreads like wildfire, also thanks to the unique feature of the Terra Hunt app – it displays the position of the other teams and, most importantly, their current score. All of that in real-time!

Fun questions and tasks

You can look forward to a truly colorful mix of questions, tasks, and riddles. Some of them require your observant eye, others will need imagination or logical thinking. All of them will try to entertain you and test your teamwork in the best ways.

And the questions start to heat up right away! You’ll need to fight off the local Gang of Women, and if you survive this test, the Descendants of the Godfather himself will make you fight for your life. Are you still alive and kicking? Maybe you want to try your luck with the Horse Sled Race? You will also have the task to decipher For Whom the Bell Tolls – not for you, obviously.

During your quest, however, you got so dizzy and confused that you completely forgot where your home is and accidentally jumped into a Time Machine. This accident caused an unexpected meeting between President Masaryk and his Perfect Companion. Time travel, however, has a side effect in the form of Quick Aging, and so you longingly expect some Divine Sign to solve the whole messy situation.

Want to play Treasure Hunt?

Do you like the idea to play Treasure Hunt in Velichovky? Do not hesitate to contact us – call us or fill in the contact form! Our experienced team will assist you and together you will surely fine-tune the whole event to your satisfaction. You can even add some other entertaining activities! If you are interested in the Treasure Hunt itself, but you are not going to Velichovky, do not despair. You can play this location-based game in many other cities, big or small, in the Czech Republic, and even abroad!

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GPS Team Building at the K-Triumf wellness resort