Castle Breakout

Castle Breakout An adventurous mobile escape game

Any location or remote
30 treasures
2 - 3 hours

An escape game with an adventure story

You woke up tied up in a dark damp cell. You don't know when and how you got here, the last thing you remember is that you went to bed at home in the evening like any other day. There is a rumble of keys and Redhead comes to the cell. From what he looks like, you don't know if you moved in time to the Middle Ages or to some post-apocalyptic time. Redhead will untie your handcuffs and growl:

"Welcome to my castle! A little involuntarily you have become a player of my favorite game - Castle Breakout! A number of tasks awaits you, where completing one will lead to another. If you manage to complete all tasks within two hours, I will shower you with wealth. If you fail then...! "

Redhead just chuckles and walks away from the dungeon. What now? All you can do is to follow the rules of the game and jump on the first task!

Outdoor escape game

This is a mobile game of the Mystery Trail type, which can be played on tablets or mobile phones with our TerraHunt application. It can be arranged in an outdoor environment, such as in a city center, in a park, around a hotel resort or in the open air. The game is about teams or individuals moving around the field visiting particular spots. There, players answer questions activated on their mobile devices.

Escape game in the office, restaurant or your home

You can also play Castle Breakout indoors, for example in your office, in a congress hall during a corporate training, or even each of the players can be at home-office and play from home and still compete with colleagues. In this case, players will see one question at a time on their tablets or mobile phones. Although players may be on the other side of the world, they are virtually connected with other competitors.

Game system

There is a route ready, which consists of 20 main treasures, however, players can always see only the next one and their distance to it on their tablet. The moment they answer the question correctly, they will see the next point. However, if they answer incorrectly, they are first sent to a penalty point, and after that the tablet returns him to the main route. There are 10 penalty points. The program works the same in both outdoor and indoor versions.

What can you look forward to?

You can look forward to a game interwoven with a catchy story, treasures adorned with stylish graphics, colorful puzzles, ciphers, brainteasers, catchers and most importantly humor.

Game organization

You can order a "full-service version of the game", which means that our implementation team will come to the agreed location with tablets, launch the game, explain the use of tablets, application and the principle of the game, be available as technical support and finally announce the best team. The second option is the "self-service version", which means downloading the TerraHunt application to your device and we will just run the prepared game in the system for you. Thus, your employees at the home-office can play with others for example in their living rooms or bathrooms.

In the automatic calculator you can generate a price for the full-service version.

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Team game with tablets and stylish graphics