Scary escape games. Is there real danger in playing them?

Scary escape games. Is there real danger in playing them?

Escape games can be quite scary. But the danger is only in our heads, right? Right?!? The question of whether these popular pass time and team building activities are safe probably popped up in many people’s minds.

Can something bad happen?

Earlier this year (2019), a tragic escape room accident happened in Poland. So, should the players be worried?

Let us show you a bit of behind the scenes how the masterminds and operators behind the games make sure their creation is safe.

In the Czech Republic, as well as in the rest of Europe, escape games are very popular, and their peak is yet to come.

An escape room is usually a closed space in which people are confronted with various puzzles and riddles that must be solved in a specific order. Usually, each solved mystery will give the players the means and information to solve the next one.

They are not fighting only against the clever puzzles, but also the time – usually, escape rooms have a specific time limit to be solved.

If they don’t succeed until the buzzer goes off, they are lost to the game, never to be heard from again. We’re joking, obviously! Their fate is must less tragic - the game operator lets them out with a bitter taste of defeat.

Incidents related to escape games

The ticking clock creates a sense of urgency, but there’s nothing to be worried about. In case of any real danger, it must be possible to get everyone out safely.

There should be an emergency key at each locked door and the room master, which observes the game all the times on the monitors, has the power to open the door immediately from the outside.

The tragic incident that happened in Poland is the first serious one since the emergence of escape games in Europe and the world.

There are some rumors about escape games in Russia, where hurting the players is part of the game, but that has nothing to do with security.

Worldwide, there are only a few reported people who have sustained injuries requiring medical attention during an escape game – for example, one dislocated wrist in Winnipeg, Canada.

What are the main security requirements of escape rooms?

Of course, escape games are subject to strict safety measures, and their compliance is regularly checked.

There may be slightly different risks in each game, depending on the specific tools used in it and the activities. Consider all of these when you decide whether to take part in a game.

Basic safety requirements include: 

  • medical examinations of the employees,

  • approved fire safety measures in the building,

  • regular revisions and inspections of wiring, gas equipment, flue gas ducts, etc.,

  • functioning fire-fighting equipment, emergency lighting, electric fire alarm, fire extinguishers, etc.,

  • documentation, directives, fire regulations and all other documents must be in order,

  • workers trained in first aid,

  • equipped first-aid kits in the building,

  • regular Occupational safety and health (OSH) a Fire protection (FP) inspections,

  • and some other security measures.

Are you afraid of escape games?

We believe being too afraid of escape rooms is unnecessary. To tame your fear, make sure you know all the important information in advance.

Enough information will quickly drive away your fear and you will start to enjoy the process. Let the guide explain everything before the game.

Feel free to ask about fire safety if you can bring your phone, what is the temperature inside, etc. You can even ask before booking!

Did your fear start after entering the game? If the story of the game is spooky, everything's fine – that’s why you chose this specific one in the first place, no?

A bit of fear and tension are required to spice up the atmosphere and for the participants enjoy it to the max. It is because of the tension, adrenaline and the need for brain cell involvement that people search for escape games.

But listen to your gut! If you have claustrophobic feelings, start to get too anxious and you know you don‘t want to be there, there is no problem to end the game prematurely.

It would be a pity if the tragic event in Poland leads to decreased interest in playing escape games.

It's a very brain-teasing and exciting fun activity, where people can get rid of the stress and tension that so often accompanies our lives today.

Mobile escape game for those who don’t like to be afraid

Does that mean that if you are not up to being anxious and scared on purpose, escape games are not for you? Nonsense! You can still enjoy the great fun that escape games bring.