2020's top: Online social events

2020's top: Online social events

In recent months, promoters of mass events around the world have faced a difficult question whether they should reschedule the announced concerts, conferences and exhibitions or cancel them altogether. Where possible, many chose to move at least part of the program to the Internet.

Consequently, in 2020 it was much more lively than ever before in the virtual environment.

Chess in the spotlight

Unlike the vast majority of sporting events that had to be canceled due to anti-epidemiological measures, chess tournaments had the great advantage of being able to take place online.

After the initial uncertainty, big tournaments were organized in this way; in our country it was, for example, the Czech Republic Blitz Chess Championship, in the world it was, for example, the European Championship, but also other spectator-attractive events such as the elite players’ tournament organized by world champion Carlsen.

Prague Spring on the Internet

It seemed impossible for such a traditional event as the musical Prague Spring to take place on the Internet, but in the end that's exactly what happened.

Eleven concerts, starting with the traditional Má vlast (My Homeland) and ending with a recital by the Canadian violinist Ehnes, were enjoyed by spectators in an absolutely unprecedented way in the comfort and safety of their homes both here and in the world.

Studying in bed

Universities quickly adapted to the new situation and began to ensure their students get online lectures or videoconference consultations.

However, some universities also offered webinars and courses for the public, so that people could devote time spent in isolation to studying the fields that interest them, provided by leading Czech and world experts.

Professional conferences

Specific events are professional conferences, which bring together experts from all over the country or even around the world and thus carry an increased risk of infection.

Here, too, many promoters - whether medical, educational, business, IT or economics conferences - took the opportunity to move the program to the Internet.

One of the largest and most important events to take place in the Czech Republic, but eventually happened on-line, was the ICHEP 2020 conference, which was originally to welcome 1,200 scientists in Prague, including Nobel Prize winners in particle physics.

Events in a virtual environment

Corona virus also affected the functioning of most commercial and non-profit companies, which had to reduce or cancel mass meetings, conferences or trainings all of the sudden.

Fortunately, most of these activities can take place on-line, so flexible team managers found ways to accomplish all that mattered.

Among other things, some teambuilding events started to move into the virtual environment, which has allowed team members to stay in other than purely work contact and at the same time take a break from stress and anxiety from an unusual situation.

Finding new ways

Recent events have shown how flexible people can be when needed. Events we would consider unchangeable a few months ago had to adapt to new circumstances.

So whether it was possible to watch a live concert of classical music from your own bed, or to participate in a virtual teambuilding together with your colleagues, the ways to new experiences opened up for us.