Can zombies really exist?

Can zombies really exist?

Can zombies really exist? They move uncoordinated, emit strange sounds, stink for miles, and tend to be violent. This can describe not only individuals leaving bars and pubs fundamentally in the early morning hours, but also zombies - the living dead.

There have already been a huge number of horror films and series featuring these monsters, and the literary world is definitely not lagging behind in this respect.

In terms of popularity, zombies can certainly compete with such horror personas as Count Dracula or Frankenstein. However, is it possible for zombies to really exist and are we actually at risk of them someday flooding the world?

How is a zombie created?

Although there are a whole range of exceptions, typical zombies are slow-walking monsters in various stages of decomposition. They can only be killed in one way, by destroying the brain. This can be done in many ways. Firearms are the best, because they allow a person to maintain a distance, but bullets don't grow on trees. Therefore, it is good to always have a hatchet, a baseball bat or at least a sharp knife at hand during a zombie apocalypse.

The strength of the zombie, however, is not in immortality or other miraculous abilities, but in quantity. They can multiply exponentially. Just a few bites and from a few ghouls suddenly an army of several hundred. But how can something like this arise?

In movies and books, zombies usually owe their messy state to viruses. According to scientists, however, it is highly unlikely that any pathogens could be responsible for the aforementioned states.

Of course, it is possible to imagine a virus that turns humanity into a thoughtless horde craving only human flesh. However, a virus would certainly not be able to revive already dead tissues.

Something like this has never been observed. But what if such a disease really appeared in the future? Would humanity stand a chance?

Not very positive studies

According to a number of mathematical models that deal with this phenomenon, the answer is not very encouraging. The most pessimistic predictions give humanity a maximum of half a year, often even less.

A lot would of course depend on where the zombie virus first appeared. Remote places can be relatively easily isolated, as well as islands.

However, there are also studies that give people some small chance. They take into account our ability to kill, which could paradoxically get us out of trouble. However, there are significantly fewer of these positive studies than negative ones

Shamans from Haiti

While the emergence of a zombie through a virus is unlikely, there may be other methods, such as neurotoxins. These are reportedly present in large quantities in special voodoo mixes of Haitian shamans, who are said to be able to induce a state similar to death with their help.

After subsequent administration of a datura, the drugged individual wakes up and due to their unsteady walk and unintelligible muttering, appears like a zombie to others. Even if voodoo shamans really drugged people in this way, it is still far from the image of rotting corpses hungering for shrieking human flesh.

For now, it seems that humanity is safe, at least as far as the zombie apocalypse is concerned. However, science is still in its infancy, so it's impossible to completely rule out such a possibility in the future.

If humanity does eventually face this kind of disaster, the probability of our survival, according to a number of mathematical studies, would be very low. We can only hope that we are not faced with such a fate.