Fallout - Amazon Prime Video Series

Fallout - Amazon Prime Video Series

The Fallout game series ranks among the most popular ever. Its history dates back to the late 1990s, but it gained most of its fans when the gaming giant Bethesda acquired the rights to this game.

It's unsurprising that this company also had a significant hand in the latest project from this universe. However, this time it's not a game title but a live-action series.

TV Series Based on Video Games are Increasingly Popular

A decade ago, creating a series based on a video game was considered quite risky, but times have changed. Today, not only teenagers are gaming on computers, but almost all age groups are involved. Additionally, there are gaming consoles and, not least, smartphones that also see a huge number of game titles released every year.

People in the right positions have calculated that such a large number of players would want to see their gaming heroes in series form. The first truly high-quality and widely acclaimed series based on a popular gaming brand was the animated "Castlevania."

This was followed by series like "DOTA: Dragon's Blood" and "Arcane." Particularly, the latter title is considered top-notch in its genre. However, all these projects were animated.

"The Last of Us" series, based on the eponymous famous game, was fully live-action and extremely successful. Now, the "Fallout" series has arrived on TV screens via VOD Prime Video, similar to "The Last of Us," also set in a post-apocalyptic world. Is it worth watching? Absolutely!

Attractive Post-Apocalyptic World

The world of the Fallout games, due to a long-ago nuclear war, is not a pretty place to live. And the eponymous series portrays it exactly so. However, the depression here is mixed with a large dose of black humor, characteristic of the games as well.

The main character of the series is Lucy, who, along with her community, lives in one of the many Vaults (underground anti-nuclear bunkers), so she doesn't have to worry much about lack of water, food, or radiation.

One day, however, her residence is attacked by raiders who kidnap Lucy's father. Therefore, she decides to leave her safe home and venture into the wasteland to find the kidnappers.

Although the beginning is very similar to the third installment of this game series, the story takes a completely different direction and does not directly continue from any other parts. Fans of the series may encounter numerous references to the games at every turn, but the series can be sufficiently enjoyed even by people who have never heard of Fallout before.

The fast-moving plot, specific post-apocalyptic setting, generally quite good computer effects, and the pervasive unique atmosphere typical for all Fallout games are captivating.

A major plus of the series is the well-written characters. The main character is likable, and although she is quite naive at the beginning, she quickly adapts and by the end becomes quite tough.

She is well supported by Maximus of the Brotherhood of Steel and post-apocalyptic cowboy Cooper Howard, also known as Ghoul.

Is the Fallout Series Worth a Shot?

The creators of Fallout have achieved a unique feat – they have excited both fans of the game series and viewers new to the games, as evidenced by a large number of enthusiastic reviews.

Of course, this series is not suitable for everyone, but for those who don't mind exaggerated brutality, a specific setting, and a large dose of black humor, Fallout is definitely worth a chance.