Gamification and Stores

Gamification and Stores

Gamification is an effective tool for increasing revenue, even for businesses that have brick-and-mortar stores. Through online applications, it's possible to positively motivate customers, making them look forward to visiting the actual store.

Specific examples can be found later in the article.


McDonald's recently began a simple, yet effective method of motivating visitors to their cafes for repeated and regular visits. They used several elements of gamification to accomplish this.


McCafé visitors are regularly rewarded for their loyalty. For many years, they collected stamps on paper cards. However, McDonald's recently came up with a 5+1 free app, where all lovers of McDonald's coffees can see how many coffees they have collected and how many more they need for a free reward.

A big plus of this simple gamification element is that McDonald's rewards you with any expensive coffee, not just a cheap basic one.

Happy Meal

McDonald's traditionally targets its youngest customers. Therefore, it's not surprising that children can have fun in their app with the current offer of favorite surprise boxes, known as Happy Meals.

For example, Spring 2023 brought the opportunity to enter the creative world of Karma's World. The whole system is perfectly designed so that children perceive it with all senses - sight, hearing, taste, and touch.


Another well-known business using elements of gamification to increase customer motivation is Starbucks. Interestingly, they also target a loyalty collection of stars, which the customer can then exchange for a favorite coffee drink.

Starbucks also came up with the option to top up your Starbucks card in their app and then use it for payment in brick-and-mortar stores.


The last example of gamification use within brick-and-mortar stores is supermarkets. As an example, we chose the German chain Lidl. In their app, they offer loyal customers not only current discounts that other customers can't access.

Within the app, you receive scratch-off tickets when you reach a certain volume of purchases, with a favorite discount waiting for you. The app allows you to scratch off the tickets electronically, thereby arousing the 'player's' excitement in customers.

Satisfied Customer

American author Michael LeBoeuf aptly said, "A satisfied customer is the best business strategy." If you are considering gamification, don't hesitate to dive into it.

Statistics clearly show that the customer is then more satisfied.