How to Survive in a Post Apocalyptic World

How to Survive in a Post Apocalyptic World

The apocalypse may not come today or tomorrow, but one fine day humanity will certainly witness it.

And it's good to be properly prepared for such a moment.

Not All Apocalypses Are Created Equal

The end of the world can take many forms, and it's not realistic to prepare for all of them. For example, the impact of the Moon crashing into our beautiful planet would have such a devastating effect that it wouldn't really matter where a person is or what they're doing.

All of humanity on Earth and in its immediate vicinity would be wiped out within a few minutes, or perhaps even seconds. No underground bunker would suffice here. However, there are two types of apocalypses that we can prepare for.

World After Nuclear War

Humans are inherently aggressive by nature. While in ancient times they hit each other with sticks, today they launch rockets and drop bombs. A modern conventional bomb can level an entire small settlement. However, it cannot compare to the power of the atom.

Nuclear bombs can annihilate cities with millions of inhabitants. That's terrifying in itself, but after such devastation, there's also the added "bonus" of radioactive dust flying in the air, which is not exactly beneficial when inhaled.

Preparing for a nuclear war, or rather its aftermath, is relatively feasible. Those not at ground zero have a fairly good chance of survival. A lot, of course, depends on how many nuclear bombs are detonated worldwide. If there are enough of them, we might also experience a nuclear winter.

It's beneficial to stock up on a significant amount of non-perishable food such as canned meat and preserves well in advance. It's also crucial to have a well. A source of drinkable water is invaluable. It's worth having a fallout shelter, ideally in a basement. It's a good place to wait out not only the immediate effects of the war but also the subsequent months until the radiation dissipates.

Zombie World

A zombie apocalypse might not sound very realistic, but it's not entirely impossible. Who knows what sort of monstrosities are being concocted in American or Chinese laboratories. A small release of such "goodness" could suddenly transform our planet into a world full of walking corpses.

In this scenario, it's again essential to build a quality shelter, secure food, and stock up on a sufficient amount of water. As many movies and series have shown us, you can still find food during a zombie apocalypse, but it's quite an adrenaline-pumping hobby.

Initially, the best survival strategy is to hide in a well-stocked bunker and not venture out.

Sooner or later, even the best-stocked refuge will need to be abandoned. Food doesn't last forever, and eventually, one will need to cultivate crops. But first and foremost, it's crucial to clear the area of any zombie infestation.

It's good to have weapons, lots of weapons. Pistols and rifles are ideal, with which you can eliminate a large number of zombies. However, axes, makeshift daggers, or even knives can also come in handy. It's crucial always to aim for the head.

New Civilization

With the right strategy and equipment, a small group of people can clear a decent-sized territory, which can then be used for farming and rebuilding civilization.

Whether one survives a nuclear war or wakes up to a zombie apocalypse, the first thing they should always have ready is a shelter stocked with food and water supplies.

This is fundamental, without which even a weekend power outage is hard to endure, let alone the end of the world.