Online quizzes and virtual escape rooms - how to expand the event portfolio

Online quizzes and virtual escape rooms - how to expand the event portfolio

Online quizzes and virtual escape games are among the most popular forms of "quick" entertainment. These interactive activities offer opportunities for teamwork, fun, and learning.

For an event agency, they can be an interesting way to expand their offerings and attract more clients.

Why include quizzes and escape rooms in the offer

Online quizzes and virtual escape games are trending in the field of corporate events and team building.

Being implemented in an online environment allows participants from all over the world to connect within a single program.

They provide added value for clients by offering a unique and fun form of interaction.

You can use them for various purposes such as team building, conference add-ons, or marketing events.

Their cost is also a definite advantage, as they are typically more affordable than physical programs, making them more saleable.

They are generally not limited by the number of participants. An online quiz or escape room can be organized for just 10, but also for 10,000 participants at one time.

How to create an online quiz

Creating an online quiz requires designing a concept, selecting a platform, creating content, and promotion. The concept should be interesting and relevant to your target audience.

When choosing a platform, consider its features, price, and ease of use.

Quiz content should be attractive and educational. And finally, promotion is key to reaching a wide audience.

If the quiz is to be used repeatedly, it is also necessary to maintain content with regular updates.

How to create a virtual escape game

Creating a virtual escape game requires coming up with a scenario and significant game points, selecting or developing a virtual environment, integrating puzzles and tasks, and testing before launching.

The scenario and game points form the basis of the game, while the virtual environment provides space for interaction. Puzzles and tasks add tension and fun to the game.

Testing is crucial to ensure the smooth running of the game.

An essential ingredient is also humor, or correctness. You will use a different level of humor for a strictly corporate environment, a different one for participants in a summer children's camp, and a completely different one for buddies from the pub.

Keep up with trends

Expanding the event agency's offer with online quizzes and virtual escape rooms can bring many benefits. These activities are fun, interactive, and attract a wide range of people.

Start today and expand your offer with these modern activities!