Wild Theories About the Egyptian Pyramids

Wild Theories About the Egyptian Pyramids

The Egyptian pyramids rightfully rank among the most admired monuments in history. After all, at the time when their construction began, the majority of humanity still lived in mud huts. Even today, their realization would be extremely challenging and consume vast amounts of resources.

This is precisely why there is a large number of people who do not believe that the ancient Egyptians were responsible for the pyramids. These fantasists think that much more advanced cultures were behind the creation of the greatest ancient monuments. 

Technology from Atlantis

Atlantis is the name given to a mythical lost continent, where, it was said, a civilization flourished like no other on Earth before it. As most are aware, Atlantis did not meet a good end, at least according to the myths. It was swallowed by the sea.

Speculating on whether it was a natural disaster or something else that caused its demise is futile. Atlantis likely never existed. Yet, the search for it continues and will probably do so for some time.

But let's return to Egypt, or rather, to its pyramids. According to some far-fetched theories, these were built by the Atlanteans.

After the destruction of their continent, they were said to have migrated throughout the Mediterranean and contributed, among other things, to the rapid development of Egyptian civilization.

It's important to note, however, that these theories are not supported by any evidence. They are merely conjectures that serious scientists do not take seriously.

Extraterrestrial Intervention

Anyone who has seen Stargate probably has a pretty good idea of why aliens might need to build pyramids.

In the movie and the TV series of the same name, these monuments served as landing platforms for gigantic starships. However, Stargate was not the first to propose the theory that the pyramids were the work of extraterrestrial civilizations.

In the 1960s, one of the most famous creators of science fiction literature, Erich von Däniken, published his book Chariots of the Gods.

Therein, he elaborated on the thesis of humanity being influenced by an extraterrestrial civilization, mentioning the Egyptian pyramids among other things. According to him, the pyramids could have primarily a symbolic function.

This slight suggestion was soon developed further by other sci-fi authors, making the theory of the extraterrestrial origin of the Egyptian pyramids among the most popular today.

The Real Builders

Although the theories mentioned above are enticing, the truth is that the Egyptian pyramids were built by the Egyptians themselves. Until recently, however, no one had a comprehensive idea of how such massive projects could have been realized by people with the technology of the time.

Especially, the transportation of large blocks must have been an incredible challenge.

The answer, however, is quite simple. The river was used for transportation. Today, the river is kilometers away from the pyramids at Giza, but during the time of construction, the Nile reached this area. This is also supported by the latest research from scientists in France.

The Ancient Wonder of the World

Though we may never know exactly how the ancient Egyptians built the only surviving ancient wonder of the world, we do have some general idea. At the very least, we know that it was feasible to construct the pyramids thousands of years ago.

However, even the latest scientific findings are unlikely to convince the sworn proponents of outlandish theories about their error.