The Scariest Places in the USA

The Scariest Places in the USA

We have quite a few terrifying places of our own. After all, almost every castle or palace has its own ghost. Although the United States may not have such historic hauntings, this doesn't mean there are no ghosts there.

In the USA, there are plenty of locations where ghosts and other supernatural beings are found in abundance. Let's introduce some of them now

Littlefield House in Austin, Texas

Victorian houses are just as much a magnet for troubled souls as castle ruins. This theory is corroborated by, among others, the Littlefield House, which can be found in Austin, Texas. At first glance, it appears to be an innocently looking building, yet it hosts at least one spirit, reportedly.

It is said that Alice Littlefield, who, along with her husband George, had the house built, still resides there. That in itself might not be so strange. However, Alice passed away 89 years ago.

Even though she spent most of her adult life in this beautiful Victorian residence, Alice was not very happy. She suffered from severe paranoia, constantly fearing that someone would kidnap or even kill her.

Her spirit supposedly manifests itself primarily through occasional piano playing, so nothing too wild. Nonetheless, this is enough to deter the more faint-hearted from approaching the house.

Willard Library in Evansville

For the determinedly illiterate, virtually any library is a place of horror, yet the average person usually does not actively avoid these archives of books. Some even enjoy visiting libraries very much. Willard Carpenter was among such individuals.

This former subway agent was a great lover of literature, so it's no surprise that he one day acquired his own library.

This library still exists today and even bears his name. However, Willard Library is also known for spooky rumors that a ghost resides within.

This ghost is said to belong to Mr. Willard's daughter, who became embittered because her father did not bequeath the library to her. She has clung to it so much that she does not want to part with it even long after her death.

She is said to constantly wander the halls, yet cameras in the building have not been able to capture her. Although the ghost cannot be seen, many witnesses claim her presence can be recognized by a specific perfume scent.

Winchester House in San Jose

The Winchester family's house is quite well-known even in our latitudes, thanks to numerous films and documentaries about it.

Even without its eerie reputation, it would be an interesting residence. Due to various reconstructions, this house has grown to absurd proportions. As of today, it has 160 rooms.

The reason for all this was the mental illness of Sarah Winchester. Sarah was convinced that she was haunted by all the souls ever killed by a Winchester rifle, seeking her life. This is mainly why the residence resembles a labyrinth full of secret passages and doors that lead nowhere.

The construction work ceased only with the death of Sarah Winchester. She passed away naturally, without any external cause. Therefore, it might be possible that her mad plan eventually worked.

A Haven for Lovers of Spooky Places

In the USA, we can visit many interesting locations that can captivate for one reason or another. This includes, among others, a haven for lovers of spooky places. There is indeed an abundance of such sites in the United States.