Surprisingly entertaining Harley Quinn

Surprisingly entertaining Harley Quinn

Superheroes are everywhere today. Since the first Iron Man hit the cinemas, marking the beginning of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, some time has passed and during this time we had the opportunity to get acquainted with a really decent row of heroes and heroines.

Harley Quinn is a bit different. Firstly, she's not a heroine, but a villain, and secondly, she does not belong to the Marvel universe, but is under the wing of the rival DC publishing house.

And unlike many other comic book characters, she is also entertaining. At least that's true for her latest animated iteration.

Animated Form

Harley Quinn is no unknown for fans of comic book movies. She has already appeared in both Suicide Squads, and even recently got her own film.

However, it's best not to highlight that film too much, as watching it can cause some viewers to feel queasy.

But if we forget the last lapse, so far Harley Quinn has done pretty well in live-action form. The 2019 series, however, is animated, which may cause concerns for some.

Fortunately, these concerns are not justified at all, as this project turned out to be extremely successful. Harley Quinn can even be considered among the most entertaining series gems, like Rick and Morty or Lower Deck. And that includes live-action production.

In Joker's Shadow

Harley is not the most well-known comic book character, so it's good to introduce her a bit more to the readers. Originally, she was a slightly goofy psychiatrist of DC’s most notorious villain – Joker.

However, their professional relationship turned into love, and the poor Dr. Quinzel became the clown's right hand with a slightly modified name, Harley Quinn.. 

The series, however, does not tell the story of the troubles of this murderous duo, but about Harley herself, who is tired of constantly standing in Joker's shadow and would like to emancipate herself, which also happens in the first episode.

The story primarily deals with Harley and her successes and failures in her independent criminal career. It might sound a bit banal. Fortunately, the opposite is true

Bloody Fun

DC movies, except for those with Batman, are not doing very well. What they do excel in, however, is animated creation. And it is also visible in Harley Quinn. The series can boast not only top-notch technical aspects, but also a very good script.

Each episode is about 22 minutes long, which makes the plot move briskly forward and there's no chance of getting bored for even a minute. When there is no fighting or shooting going on, the viewer can be entertained by often very funny dialogues.

The characters are written excellently. Not only the main anti-heroine is discussed, but also other actors, such as Poison Ivy, Joker, Bane, or for instance Dr. Psycho. It has long been the case that what is drawn and on TV is meant for children.

Although it might be tempting, Harley Quinn should definitely not be seen by anyone under twelve. There's really no sparing of cuss words. On the other hand, there's no wonder, as the series mainly mocks the criminal environment, where few abide by the Guth-Jarkovsky principles.

Some children would also probably have a hard time digesting the violence here. It's not just about the fact that during the first episode Harley manages to cause more open fractures than Arnold and Seagal managed to do throughout their entire career, whole families are being wiped out here! Well, so far one family, but still, for an animated comic book it's quite a lot.

Fun Butchery

If you are not yet tired of comic book movies and series, have a soft spot for DC animated creation, and are of legal drinking age, you should not miss Harley Quinn. It's a fun butchery that doesn't bore you for a second.