The Best Streaming Platforms

The Best Streaming Platforms

The popularity of short videos, known as reels, is increasing worldwide. They are watched exclusively on mobile phones by 80 percent of people. It's entertainment that is immediately available.

Do you know the most popular platforms for instant sharing of these reels?

What options do we have?

The internet is full of various platforms suitable for streaming videos. Some are free, while others require an additional fee.

Which platforms are at the top? We bring you an overview of the most widely used ones.


The current leader among streaming platforms. The main advantages of YouTube are:

  • quality technical support for streamers,
  • an interesting distribution of advertising revenue directly to streamers,
  • the ability to watch without ads.

Some of the most well-known streamers who have recently switched to the YouTube platform include TimTheTatman, Valkyrae, DrLupo, and Dr Disrespect.


A long-time rival of YouTube. Although it is being talked about as a gradually sinking competitor, it still retains some of its fans. The advantages of the Twitch streaming platform are mainly:

  • the ability to watch without ads,
  • an extensive selection of emoticons,
  • expanded storage for broadcasting.


Another streaming platform was Mixer, which originated from Microsoft. Although there was a lot of hype around its launch, Microsoft eventually shut down the platform.

Key streaming figures, such as Ninja and Shroud, moved to competitors.


Allegedly the best streaming platform for beginner streamers. It comes from Tencent Games and its main task is to connect individual communities based on location. Its advantage is:

  • maximum support for streamers at all stages,
  • great user support.


A streaming platform that is nicknamed for allowing practically everything. Its advantage for some has also become its main disadvantage.

The following rule applies to everyone: "Your stream, your rules."

As a result, to the displeasure of some applicants, DLive has become more of a streaming support for promoting cryptocurrencies and cultivating herbs in cabinets.

Facebook Gaming

The last streaming platform we want to mention is the child of Meta, Facebook Gaming.

However, this platform was eventually canceled due to insufficient viewership.

20 hours per week

Did you know that, according to a survey by Wyzowl, the average internet visitor spends nearly 20 hours per week watching short videos? That's almost one day per week.

Streaming is also suitable for implementing virtual escape games.
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