The Most Famous Copies of Indiana Jones

The Most Famous Copies of Indiana Jones

Indiana Jones is one of the most successful brands ever. And not just in the film industry. There are many comics, computer games, and even books about the famous archaeologist.

Crazy Adventurer

We first saw him in 1981 in the movie Raiders of the Lost Ark. Since then, Indy has appeared in four more sequels and a series that tells the beginnings of the famous archaeologist.

Trying to emulate this icon with Harrison Ford's face might seem like madness, but every now and then, someone tries. Often, however, the result is at best controversial or even terrible.

Yet there are instances where the work turns out exceptionally well. Let's take a closer look at a few of them.

Lara Croft

Lara Croft is probably one of the most famous gaming celebrities. Critics claim her popularity is mainly due to her ample bust, but the renowned tomb raider has much more up her sleeve.

Firstly, she's a highly intelligent woman, boasting the abilities of Olympic athletes and is exceptionally skilled with her pistols.

Originally, she was a fearless heroine, but the new Tomb Raider series shows Lara in her early days, when she was much more vulnerable.

This doesn't stop her from eliminating hundreds of enemies and occasionally saving the world or at least securing some intriguing artifact.

Outside of games, there are three movies titled Tomb Raider. Angelina Jolie played the lead role in the first two, while Alicia Vikander took over in the latest installment.

Nathan Drake

Another competitor to Indy is Nathan Drake. Like Lara, he first appeared in a game. Unlike the Tomb Raider series, which initially was primarily an action platformer, the Uncharted brand, chronicling Nathan Drake's adventures, introduces new game mechanics like stealth.

Uncharted, in its approach, is more cinematic than the early Lara Croft titles. It's worth noting that today's Lara is catching up with Nathan in this aspect.

Nathan Drake could be jokingly referred to as the Indiana Jones of the 21st century. He also possesses wit and a touch of sarcasm, and his adventures are always intriguing and entertaining. It's no wonder Hollywood decided to bring Uncharted to the big screen.

It's not a bad movie, but it lacks the charm of the first three Indiana Jones films. It relies more on stunts and action than on mystery.

However, if you enjoy fast-paced action movies and don't mind Tom Holland, the current Spider-man, in the lead role, you won't regret watching this film.

Benjamin Gates

The third in the group is Benjamin Gates. Unlike the two aforementioned heroes, he has nothing to do with the gaming industry. He's purely a cinematic character brought to life by Hollywood screenwriters.

Like Lara and Nathan, Benjamin also has an insatiable desire to chase after every dusty relic. In pursuing his hobby, he falls, gets beaten up, and of course, is shot at.

Benjamin, portrayed by Nicolas Cage, has so far been seen only in the movie National Treasure and its sequel National Treasure: Book of Secrets.

Whether this franchise will continue with Nicolas Cage or be rebooted with a new cast is still unknown at this moment.

Although they don't match the quality of Indiana Jones, it would be a shame to miss out on National Treasure, as it's quite a pleasant diversion.

There's Only One Original

Indiana Jones is so brilliantly conceived, filmed, and acted that probably nothing in this genre will ever match at least his first three movies. On the other hand, Tomb Raider, Uncharted, and National Treasure are still worth watching.

If you enjoy the adventures of Indiana Jones, don't hesitate to try Treasure Hunt with escapades of his distant relative. The outdoor escape game Idaho McLovin and the Lost Treasure of the Aztecs, will test your brain cells and tickle your funny bone.