The “You May Die” race or 250 km in the desert? Nothing remarkable

The “You May Die” race or 250 km in the desert? Nothing remarkable

Are you an avid outdoor adventurer? Do you like to challenge yourself? Do you admire those, who finished the Ironman Triathlon? Take a look at these challenging outdoor competitions around the world!


The Eco-Challenge is an expedition race, during which international teams race for 12 days nonstop. The competitors have to go through hundreds of miles of rough terrain in the mountains, jungle, and other not-so-pleasant places. Each team consists of four competitors and must include at least one woman and one assistant crew member.

They ride wild rivers, ride mountain bikes, climb rocks, sail and more, just to get to the destination as quickly as possible. The navigation is done only with the help of a map and a compass, so smartphones or GPS devices allowed! The winner is the first team to reach the finish line. If a team loses a member during the trip – whether due to exhaustion, injury or resignation – it is disqualified.

From 1995 to 2002, the race was held always at a different location. It had a bit of a reality show vibe because it was filmed and viewers at home could watch teams quarrel, solve health problems and go through other tense moments. This year it was held in Fiji with the participation of one team from the Czech Republic!

PEAK Death Race – “You May Die”

The race with the very blunt (and, dare we say, true) title Death Race, also known as "You May Die", is not for the weak and untrained. It has been held since 2005 in Pittsfield, Vermont. The 16 km race can take up to 24 hours to complete. The athletes have to face many challenges fit for a superhuman, both physically and mentally. The exact tasks are kept secret, but in past, the participants had to run 3.2 kilometers through moving water, climb hills while lugging bicycle frames and tree stumps, memorize lists of presidents of the USA, reassembling a bunch of Lego pieces in a precise configuration. There are also such disciplines as to transfer manure from a lorry with bare hands. The race is usually won by members of the Navy or US Army soldiers.

Sahara Race

During the Sahara Race, you have to go about 250 kilometers of desert, which was originally held in the North of Africa. Last year it was hosted by the kingdom of Jordan and the road led through Wadi Rum, a very important place associated with the First World War, and the finish line was in front of the cave complex in Petra. The race has strict limitations on equipment and each participant is checked before the start of the race. You should definitely pack some essentials, including salt tablets, winter and rain clothes, plenty of liquids, a swiss knife, sleeping bag, headlamps, medicines or whistle.

If Sahara is not for you, you can choose to almost die in the Atacama in South America, the Gobi in Mongolia or brave the low temperature of the ice desert in Antarctica.

Tough Guy

If you wish to know what it means to wade through the mud, go to Britain! Billy Wilson, a famous member of the royal family’s army, elevated this messy-but-fun activity to one of the most respected extreme races. The first part begins in the town of Perton, near Wolverhampton, a town with about 250,000 inhabitants. Tough Guy participants will face a 13-kilometer off-road run followed by 25 obstacles.

The race has been running since 1987. In 2000 a competitor collapsed on the route and later died in hospital. Before participating, the athletes must sign a so-called death warrant, recognizing the many risks and dangers and relieving the organizers of any legal liability in the event of any injury.

Adventure Race Croatia

The Czech people are used to go to Croatia for sea and chill, but even extreme outdoor enthusiasts will be happy there! The Adventure Race Croatia is a four-day drudgery in the heat of Croatian mountains, lakes, and rivers. Enjoy running, rock climbing, mountain biking, and kayaking. The 500 km race is run in a team, so good strategy, teamwork, and navigation are extremely important.


Fall in love with extreme races

Extreme races around the world will squeeze the last drop of power from even the most strong of people. But it is fascinating how much we can find out about ourselves when we are exposed to such demanding conditions. Maybe that's why extreme competitions attract more and more men and women from all over the world. They want to know where they have their limits – and eventually find that they exist only in their minds.