Treasure Hunt Activity for Event Agencies

Treasure Hunt Activity for Event Agencies

We offer event agencies the organization of a modern, action-packed, short, and most importantly, a highly marketable team program.

Author Jiri Zmidloch

What is Treasure Hunt?

Treasure Hunt is a modern team competition where participants use tablets or mobiles with the TerraHunt map app. The main goal is to visit treasures located in the terrain and earn points by correctly answering questions.

Treasure Hunt Connected to the Location

The outdoor version of Treasure Hunt uses GPS coordinates to determine the location of treasures.

Questions and tasks are often related to cultural, historical, or natural landmarks in the given location.

If you want participants of your event to enjoy the beauty of the city where your corporate event is held while playing a team game, Treasure Hunt allows it.

Treasure Hunt with a Story

Story-based games can be organized either outdoors or virtually. Players solve various puzzles, ciphers, and tasks that are part of the storyline, for example, in the style of Sherlock Holmes.

Outdoor Version

The outdoor version of the game has treasures placed in real terrain. Around a resort, in the city, or near a convention hall.

The game proceeds just like the classic outdoor Treasure Hunts.

Virtual Version

The virtual version allows players to stay in one place, and questions are displayed automatically on the screen.

Contestants don't have to go anywhere. The game can be played on mobile devices (phones, tablets) as well as in a web application.

This version is suitable for online conferences or virtual team buildings. MS Teams, Zoom, or Google Meet are used for implementation.

Program in Any Location

The game can be played anywhere there is mobile data signal, whether in the center of a big city or in a remote village.

It doesn't matter if you host the event in the center of Prague, New York, Vienna, an Alpine resort, or a company cottage.

Team Activity for Any Number of People

Whether you're organizing an event for a small group or a large collective, Treasure Hunt is flexible and adaptable.

For groups up to 300 people, we can offer a full-service version of the program, where up to 50 teams can play at once.

For participation of several thousand people, participants will play using their own mobile devices.

In Czech or English Language

The TerraHunt app is available in both Czech and English, with the option to add more languages for long-term partners. We have games created in both Czech and English.

Full Service vs. Self Service Version

We offer a complete service including instructors and equipment, or a self service version for those with a limited budget or in remote locations.

Customization to Client Needs

You have the option to add your own questions to the game to better match your corporate event.

Cost Effective Program

Compared to traditional outdoor activities, Treasure Hunt is more affordable, making it an attractive choice for event agencies.

Main or Supplementary Program

Treasure Hunt can either be the main point of your program (2.5-3.5 h) or an additional activity (1.5-2 h) during training or a conference.

Solution for Bad Weather

Thanks to indoor versions of the games, we can offer entertainment even in case of adverse weather.

Long Term Cooperation

We are open to cooperation with event agencies from all over the world and offer the opportunity to become a local operator of the TerraHunt platform.