Altered Carbon

Altered Carbon

True hardcore sci-fi is missing from our TV screens today, much like salt in a dish. This makes it all the more important to cherish works like Altered Carbon, which easily falls into the golden treasury of serial fantasy.

Murder Isn't What It Used to Be

The 24th century in the world of Altered Carbon is pretty much what we dream of today. Flying cars, neon on every corner, genuine artificial intelligence, and colonization of distant solar systems are commonplace.

Medicine has also advanced significantly. Thanks to the ability to store one's self in special chips, scientists have even tricked death.

In the event of death, the backed-up ego is copied into a new body. The individual can then continue to function normally. However, there's a catch – this service isn’t covered by insurance. This service is so costly that only a select few can afford it.

Among this nobility is one Laurens Bancroft. At the start of the series, he's troubled by a recent murder – his own – and he can't figure out for the life of him who pulled the trigger.

Hence, the main character of the series, Takeshi Kovacs, is called in. He is tasked with solving this mystery. He's no ordinary private eye or top-notch retired detective, but a former elite assassin and revolutionary who's been on ice for quite some time.

A Visual Feast

The series looks absolutely stunning at first, second, and even tenth glance. Every shot shows that no expense was spared in the production of Altered Carbon. The megacities of the future, though largely digital, are not a flaw, but rather the opposite.

The visual effects team did a truly brilliant job, and even though the series has been out for a while, it still looks more than good.

However, in this case, the visual portrayal isn't just a simple fan to attract the lay viewer, but a crucial factor that contributes to the bleak dystopian atmosphere.

Philosophical Edge

Altered Carbon is primarily a noir detective story with a philosophical bent set in the distant future.

In this regard, it's very similar to the genre classic, Blade Runner. Unlike Blade Runner, however, Altered Carbon also includes plenty of action.

After all, Takeshi Kovacs is no slouch, and even though he's been inactive for a while, he still has no problem chopping up a gang of thugs into mincemeat in a few seconds.

While there aren't as many action scenes in the series as one might expect from the trailers, lovers of shooting and gritty movie fights will certainly get their fill.

A Well-Baked TV Cake

There aren't many flaws that can be pointed out in this series. Some might find the push on philosophy a bit much, but that's a matter of taste. Generally, it can be said that this serial cake was baked from very good ingredients.

The resulting creation can be savored even several years after its release. However, be aware, this only applies to the first season. Altered Carbon has a sequel, and it doesn't come close to the quality of the original.