What Sci-Fi TV Gems to Look Forward to in 2024?

What Sci-Fi TV Gems to Look Forward to in 2024?

There can never be enough sci-fi, in any form, including television series. Thanks to increasingly affordable computer-generated imagery, creators of TV science fiction can offer their audiences much more intricate worlds than in the past.

For this reason alone, we can look forward to a host of interesting sci-fi series in 2024, some of which aspire to enter the golden hall of television entertainment. And we will introduce a few such contenders in the following lines.


For those unfamiliar with video games, the title of this series might not ring a bell. Fallout, although one of the most iconic video games, hasn't had much influence outside the gaming industry. However, that's expected to change this year.

Fallout is set in a bleak, post-apocalyptic world where cows have two heads, steel combat suits are in fashion, and bottle caps from Cola serve as currency. Given the brand's massive fan base, it's clear that many are eagerly awaiting the series.

Although Fallout has several sequels, the series is expected to be only loosely inspired by them, with an original storyline. According to the first released trailer, at least part of the story will take place in and around Vault 33. The series is expected to arrive in the spring.

Star Wars: The Acolyte

While Disney has been canceling one Star Wars film project after another, they seem to have a completely different strategy for series. That's why we've seen The Mandalorian, Ahsoka, Andor, and others in a relatively short span. Not every one of these endeavors was a masterpiece, but with the exception of The Book of Boba Fett, they were all well-crafted.

The Acolyte, however, aims to captivate not only with its technical aspects but also with its story. Unlike other live-action works from the Star Wars universe, The Acolyte focuses on the dark side of the Force, rather than the light side.

The series will feature a Sith apprentice, a predecessor of the iconic asthmatic Darth Vader. Here, the galaxy surely won't be saved. This aspect makes the project particularly intriguing.

Little is known about the plot so far. It's only known that the title role will be a young woman and the story takes place decades before Episode 1, marking the first time we explore this period on the small screen. The series is expected to debut sometime in the fall.

Dune: The Prophecy

Dune is not just a sandy dune, but also the name of one of the greatest sci-fi book epics of all time. However, it's not a work that appeals to everyone, due to its complexity. This is why the first film from the eighties didn't succeed with audiences, and even a later TV adaptation didn't make much of an impact, mainly due to poor special effects.

Therefore, we should be grateful for Denis Villeneuve's iteration, which is set to continue in March. However, the series itself will have nothing to do with this particular film.

Little is known about the plot. The story will take place 10,000 years before the birth of Paul Atreides and will focus on the Bene Gesserit sisterhood, specifically sisters Tula and Valya from the Harkonnen family. From these fragments, it's expected that the series will be more of a conversational drama than an action spectacle. If all goes well, the series should hit our screens sometime in the fall.

A Promising Year

It seems that lovers of serialized sci-fi will have a field day in 2024. A whole array of potentially interesting titles are heading to screens, some of which could become cult classics.

Fallout, Star Wars, and Dune are such strong brands that they can attract huge audiences. We can only hope that they won't disappoint.