Tips for successful implementation of gamification into an e-shop

Tips for successful implementation of gamification into an e-shop

"Those who play don't get into mischief." The well-known proverb confirms the fact that the best way for a person to endure an activity is when they have fun doing it. If you are an e-shop owner, what tips and guidelines should you focus on so that users enjoy visiting your e-shop and love to come back?

We have several tried and tested instructions for you.

Guideline One: Define your gamification goals

Before you start implementing game elements into your e-shop, figure out what you actually want to achieve. What goals do you want to reach through gamification? What specific expectations do you have from it? Why do you need it?

There can be several reasons why to start with gamification in your e-shop. The most common ones are:

  • increasing sales,
  • improving customer engagement,
  • building customer loyalty.

Guideline Two: Adapt gamification to your e-shop

There is no universal approach to e-shop gamification. There is no template that would work the same way on all e-shop sites. You need to adapt it to the specific characteristics of your particular e-shop, and especially to your target customers.

Tip: For example, if you sell clothing, you could award points to customers for every purchase and allow them to unlock special rewards or discounts on your other products.

Guideline Three: Create attractive game elements

If the gamification of your e-shop is to be attractive and fun, it must primarily motivate customers. Motivate to do what? Not only to try out the game elements themselves, but also to visit your e-shop repeatedly. A well-engaged customer will subconsciously look forward to encountering your e-shop's gamification element again.

The most popular gamification elements are:

  • competitions,
  • unlocking levels,
  • points,
  • badges,
  • challenges, and others.

Guideline Four: Ensure visibility of game elements

It is absolutely crucial that your customers are informed about the game elements you have implemented in your e-shop. There's nothing worse than a customer not noticing the game elements.

Therefore, use graphic elements, create a special section in the e-shop or a page dedicated to gamification, and remind customers of the rewards or benefits waiting for them.

Personal Judgment

When deciding which gamification element to use for your e-shop, also follow your own judgment and feelings. Try out the game elements of other companies for yourself as a customer. Based on your own experience, then decide on the elements that appealed to you the most.