Benefits of Gamification for Small and Medium E-shops

Benefits of Gamification for Small and Medium E-shops

In the Czech Republic, according to experts, there are currently more than 50,000 e-commerce shops in operation. In 2020, we spent 223 billion crowns in them, and this year the amount is estimated to be around nearly 300 billion. E-commerce accounts for more than 13.5 percent of the total retail turnover.

What role does gamification play in the success amid such high competition? Why is it a good weapon for small and medium e-commerce shops against large players?

Benefits of Gamification

Should a small or medium e-commerce shop decide to incorporate gamification elements, what benefits could this bring? Here is an overview of the biggest benefits from a customer's perspective.

Customer Engagement

The first advantage of gamification for any small e-commerce shop is engaging potential customers in the sales process itself. Customers are happy when they perceive, right from their first product view, that you are thinking about them and offering them something interesting.

Therefore, game elements such as competitions, loyalty points, and challenges contribute to the positive experiences that can motivate potential customers.

Customer Entertainment

The second significant advantage of game elements is the fact that customers enjoy having fun during the purchasing process. For some customers, shopping is associated with the stressful feeling of having to spend hard-earned money.

If you offer them a challenge, a discount, or some free product, they usually get excited. If you incorporate a game into the gamification of your e-commerce shop, customers will keep coming back. Sometimes, they come back just to play the game.i.

Customer Buys More

The third advantage of gamification is that it contributes to the completion of the purchase. And that's what it's all about. So don't be afraid of gamification. Examples clearly demonstrate that it increases e-commerce sales.

Customer Recognizes Your Brand

Gamification also contributes to increasing brand awareness. It is especially small and medium-sized e-commerce shops that need to penetrate the subconscious minds of potential customers.

When creating gamification elements, incorporate the name or brand into the game application, for example. Let the gift, reward, or loyalty points not just be an off-the-shelf product like a Milka chocolate. But let it be a chocolate with your company's logo.

Customer Becomes Loyal

Small and medium e-commerce shops need to retain their customers. And customers, in turn, need to "fall in love with the seller." Game elements contribute to this mutual affection, which then breeds

Wise words

Famous British and American fashion designer Anna Wintour, who has been leading the American editorial team of Vogue magazine since 1988, once succinctly stated about competitiveness: "If you can't be better than your competition, at least dress better."

Therefore, don't be afraid to "dress" your e-commerce shop in gamification.