Gamification in e-shops

Gamification in e-shops

Jan Amos Komensky held the famous vision of "School through play." There is no doubt that children enjoy playing. But can a similar approach be implemented in the world of commerce? Can shopping in e-shops be a game?

Experience shows that it can. The solution is well-designed gamification.

What is gamification

Although the word gamification is relatively new, its principle has been used for a long time. Gamification involves the use of entertaining and game-like elements in a non-game environment, such as e-shops, stores, and their applications. In the Czech Republic, we most often encounter them in the following forms:

  • collecting points for purchases,

  • scratching lottery tickets in seller applications,

  • rewards for loyalty,

  • drawings on the so-called "wheel of fortune",

  • playing company games at e-shops.

Why gamify

Statistics clearly show that online sales are growing, as is competition. Gamification is an absolutely key feature of a competitive e-shop. People want to have fun while shopping.

The Director of the Czech Statistical Office's Department of Statistics, Marie Boušková, says: "Internet retailers are seeing an increase in the number of customers and, consequently, sales. In 2017, goods worth approximately 85 billion CZK were sold in online stores, accounting for 7.8% of total retail sales."

Compared to 2013, when the measurement was last taken, this is almost twice the share.

Czech e-shops learned to gamify during the coronavirus pandemic when practically all commerce moved online. Official statistics and a chart from the website – as of April 18, 2023 – also prove this.

How to gamify

In short, there are many ways to gamify an e-shop. We have selected the following four for you:

  • levels – based on the number of orders, customers move up to higher levels, which bring bonuses,

  • points – customers can exchange collected loyalty points for favorite products or discounts,

  • challenges – thanks to feedback challenges, customers can earn, for example, 10 extra points, providing the company with valuable feedback,

  • onboarding – an ideal tool for training, especially for new visitors to the e-shop.

Czechs love discounts

Did you know that Czechs are known for their love of promotions and discounts when shopping?

According to one survey, more than 91 percent of Czechs try to buy goods that are guided by elements of gamification.