Features and Benefits of the TerraHunt Gaming Platform

Features and Benefits of the TerraHunt Gaming Platform

The TerraHunt gaming platform offers a wide range of features and benefits, particularly appreciated by organizers of corporate events and team building activities.

Let's introduce the key features of this modern app for playing Treasure Hunts, story-based escape games, and quizzes.
Author Jiri Zmidloch

Multi-platform App

The TerraHunt gaming platform has a mobile app available for iOS and Android operating systems, as well as a web app for virtual games.

We recommend launching the web app in the Google Chrome browser.

Option for Physical and Remote Events

Thanks to the publicly available app, event agencies can organize events not only as full-service (with a team of instructors and their own hardware, which they lend to clients) but also remotely (clients play on their own mobile devices).

This is particularly suitable for organizing low-cost corporate events.

The client simply chooses the location, the organizer places treasures (questions) in it, and players play the event in self-service mode.

Login Options

To log in to the app, you can use a variety of popular services. You can log in with an Apple ID, a Google account, or a Facebook account.

Alternatively, you can use your personal email and go through the process of registration, verification, and subsequent login.

GPS Games and Virtual Games

It is possible to play games outdoors with a map app, you can also play games indoors (launched on a mobile device in virtual mode), or organize virtual events using MS Teams, Zoom, or Google Meet.

3 Types of Games

There are 3 types of games available, which differ in the gaming system and the display of individual treasures. Treasure Hunt, Mystery Trail, Challenge Tour.

Each type of game is suitable for a different type of event and a different number of participants.

The differences between the types of games are particularly evident in the case of outdoor GPS games.

Diverse Content

A wide range of ready made games is available. The gaming platform is suitable for outdoor Treasure Hunts, virtual escape rooms, or quizzes.

Online and Offline

All events can be played online; in case of locations with poor mobile signal, the content of the games can be downloaded to the mobile device and played partially offline.

In this case, the app evaluates the results locally, and photos are also stored locally.

Once the device is reconnected to the data network, the photos are uploaded to the results page, and the earned points are added to the score list.

Tourist and Satellite Maps

Thanks to clear tourist maps, it is possible to play even in purely natural terrain. In historical city centers, you will appreciate satellite maps.

When downloading a game for offline play, maps are also downloaded.

Game Modes

Events can be launched in public mode and private mode. There is also the option of organized events and individual events.

Game Server

The web administrative interface for creating games, managing games, launching events is called Public Server. It allows access to event results even without registration using a password.

At the moment, we are intensively testing a new feature called "Organizations," which are special corporate accounts allowing various types of access permissions to corporate content within one organization.

Language Support

The app is in CZ and EN languages, additional language options can be added upon agreement. The gaming content (the games themselves) is language-independent.

FAQs and Tutorials

We have created and are gradually supplementing a section of tutorials that include documentation, images, and instructional videos.

We Develop, Test, and Use the Platform Ourselves

We strive to make the app reliable and user-friendly. We are not a gaming studio detached from reality; we personally carry out actions in the field almost every day. We are a team building company that primarily develops the gaming platform for our own corporate events.

Every year we organize hundreds of corporate events, and we use the insights from physical implementations promptly in app updates. Our partners can rely on our experience in creating more than a hundred original games and thousands of completed events.

We are happy to share our technological solutions and know-how.